About Us

In establishing this site for reviewing dating websites that are in the business of providing services for those interested in dating Chinese or Asian girls online with the goal of finding a perfect life partner or long term relationship, we first spent many years in that same quest, or at least one of us did. The other was in search of the counterpart, a perfectly matched Western man. Who are we? We’re a happily married Western man and Chinese woman. We are here in hopes of assisting you to experience our great joy in finding each other, to enjoy the wonderful journey to be taken in arriving at that ultimate goal and, especially, to avoid the financial and emotional grief that lies in wait with every potential wrong move during the time spent on that journey.

Online dating is ripe with scammers who are out to take advantage of your strong desire to find the one special person you love, and to turn that desire into a windfall for themselves and a nightmare for you.  Those scammers fall into two categories:

1. The rogues who wander around dating sites and social networks disguised as normal, honest and caring people such as yourself, but who are really slimy, soulless ghouls who would happily break your heart and destroy your pride all in the name of relieving you of your hard earned cash; and

2. The websites that are scams in themselves, and who take advantage of your trust and your desire for true love by creating fake members who write to you fake messages, and then charge you for each fake member you meet, each fake message you receive and respond to and for fake translations of those messages. The owners of these websites make millions of dollars at honest and sincere online dater’s expense, and are even worse slimy and soulless ghouls than the rogue scammers described above.

If you follow our heartfelt advice in these reviews you will greatly reduce your chances of being scammed by a rogue Scammer and you will 100% eliminate your chance of getting caught in the web of a Scam Website.

In addition we also will let you know the sites that, while not scam websites themselves, are a complete waste of your time if you’re really after a true long term relationship with someone genuinely seeking the same thing.

We want you to succeed as we did, and we want you to do so without having to make any of the mistakes we made, or the even worse mistakes we witnessed others making. Our reviews are often blunt and damning of certain sites. This is because we want to make very sure that you understand the dangers inherent in joining these sites. If you heed our advice and stick to the relatively few sites we recommend you should have a safe and enjoyable time in seeking your one true Chinese or Asian lifemate, and you will dramatically improve your chances in successfully completing that quest. Our greatest hope is that you will ultimately join us in our happiness as a successfully and happily married cross cultural couple.