Learn the Art of Dating Chinese Girls

| July 19, 2012

The Art of Dating Chinese GirlsSo many Chinese girls around you and still you are shopping on your own and spending all your time with your play station and iPhone. Talking to or dating Chinese girls is not difficult, given only that you know a few of the basic rules of the game. Just acquaint yourself with these simple strategies and you’ll be fully equipped to steal the heart of any Chinese girl.

Buying gifts, flowers and other tokens of love are obvious ways to start off a good relationship with any girl, but it is especially effective with Chinese girls because gift giving is a big art of their culture. However, when it comes to Chinese girls you must make sure you do not gift her a few particular things, like clocks, knives, scissors, chrysanthemums, or any white flowers. Similarly, avoid using white gift wrapper. These items are not considered good as gifts in their culture. On the other side of the coin, giving a Chinese lass a nice, stylish belt is considered good as it shows that you want to hold her forever. Likewise, buying her roses or Lilies is a good idea. You can follow Feng-shui principles to good purpose while buying a gift for your girl, as Feng-shui is extremely important to most of the people of China.

The crux of gift giving with Chinese women is to get accustomed to their culture in order to know and understand what the Chinese female will like and which gift is appropriate on a particular occasion. This radiates a positive attitude towards their culture in you, indicating that you respect her and are ready to learn and accept her cultural values. She will love you for this.

Avoid being late on your first date with your Chinese girl. That really can lessen your chances of a relationship with her. You should always try to be punctual, when you are going out on a date with her. Tardiness is considered improper in the Chinese culture. Moreover, it shows that you are not serious with your relationship with her. This can make her feel insecure and she may find excuses to keep her distance from you.

Chivalrous men are held in high regard in the Chinese culture. However, if you think pulling a chair out for your Chinese date, handing her the menu of the restaurant or opening the car or restaurant door is the only way to demonstrate chivalry then you are on wrong track. You should show signs of respect for your girl by listening intently to the things she has to say. This will make her feel that you are serious in your relationship with her and it is not just a casual fling for you.

Dating Chinese girls is purely an art, and learning this art is not a complicated affair that requires intensive study and encyclopedic knowledge. Follow the simple rules laid out above to win the heart of any Chinese girl.


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