Use Your Chinese Girl Friend’s Birthday To Show Your Love

| July 3, 2012

Dating Chinese GirlsAre you struggling with what you should buy for your Chinese girl friend on her birthday this year? Every man wants to show his girl how much he cares and loves her, especially on her birthday.  Her birthday could be the best day, if you have not expressed your feelings and want to propose her. You can tell her how much you want to be with her. However, before that, you must buy an appropriate token of love for her.

You know the importance of her birthday. Give some serious thought on how you can make it a special and unforgettable day for both of you. If  you haven’t already done so, take some time to be become aware of her likes, dislikes and interests, her taste in jewelery, clothes and books. What kind of music she does she love to listen to, and on what devices, such as her phone, an ipod or a more standard stereo? Does she enjoy spending time in a spa as her therapy to relax herself? Does she love to celebrate her birthday with her family or she just wants to be with you to make it extra special this time? Try to decode the hints she has been giving you lately. Only then you can figure out what does she want you to do for her.

In any case, if you do not get any idea from her, you can think of doing few things that every girl wants on her birthday. For instance, you can think of buying jewelery for her. Chinese girls love jewelery. A beautiful and stylish ring or an elegant necklace for her slender neck could do wonders for you on her special day. In addition, if you want to give her day an extra ordinary feel, you can surprise her with a day at a cosy spa followed by a candle light dinner at a swish restaurant. Wait for the perfect moment to propose her. Let the soft piano music make the environment a little bit more romantic. Choose the right words and let her know how much you love her and want to be with her.

Every girl has different mood when it comes to celebration, be it her birthday or any other special event of her life. Chinese women, too, have discrete tastes when it comes to their birthdays. Make sure whatever you choose to do for her, is in line with her mood. Otherwise, all your efforts to show your love could go in vain.


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