Unattainable Chinese Girls: The Inimitable Xunpu Women

| June 13, 2012

Chinese girls from Xunpu village are virtually unattainable for Foreign men.In the Fujian province of China, there is a small village called Xunpu about 10 miles from Quanzhou, an important harbor. The village is famous for two things- ‘Xunpu Women’ and ‘Xunpu Oyster Shell House’. The Chinese girls living in this village are well known in China for raising oysters, putting fresh flowers in their hair and their unique ways of worship.  More and more people visit this quaint coastal fishing village every year to experience its distinctive traditions, take photographs, read literature about the place besides participating in fine arts making.

The main occupation of the men is fishing and the marketing skills of their womenfolk are renowned in the whole country. These people have preserved their traditional folk customs of garments, weddings and festivals. The main attraction, the original oyster shell house is overflowing with fisher-folk atmosphere.

However, the first things that never fail to catch the eyes of visitors and rouse their curiosity happen to be the Chinese girls of the village with their inimitable hairdos. One or two circles of flowers of different color and kind such as tulips and carnations are tucked in their hair. This style of hair embellishment has been passed down from generations. Only fresh flowers are used which last up to 3 days in winter and 2 days in summer. Girls put flowers into the water to keep them fresh before going to bed.

Xunpu Chinese girls are very traditional, and it’s unlikely any Western man would ever be able to land one as his Chinese life partner, but if he did he would have a Chinese mate who would be incredibly loyal, extremely hard working, and always by his side. If you wish to meet one, you’re going to have to search long and hard to find her on a site for dating Chinese girls online. You’re far more likely going to have to go hang around her village trying to catch her eye.

The 23rd day of the third lunar month is celebrated as the birthday of the sea goddess Mazu and no fisherman venture out for fishing this day. Rather, they go to the Mazu temple to worship the goddess dressed in traditional clothing.

According to a legend, Mazu was the daughter of Lin Yuan, the superintendent of Fujian in the early Northern Song Dynasty. She was originally named Moniang which meant “silent girl”, as she didn’t cry at birth. She began to burn incense and chant sutras as soon as she entered her teens and when she was 16, an immortal gave her a bronze talisman. She then achieved Taoist success and became an immortal herself.

As legend has it, she could perform magic and ascended Meifeng Peak at the age of 28 to become a divinity. She then roamed around rescuing and helping troubled fishermen at sea so they built a temple in Moniang’s hometown—Meizhou Island in Fujian, to pay obeisance  to her.

Every year, the birthday of Mazu is celebrated in Xunpu village with great enthusiasm. The celebration usually lasts two to three days and this annual event attracts people from all age groups and professions. Devout middle-aged and elderly women dress up in red coats, black pants and flat coiled hair and burn incense in Mazu’s honor. A special feast is prepared that include meat balls, various kinds of fish and shrimps and Mazu’s blessings are sought for a safe life. This would be the time to visit Xunpu village and hope to lure one of these special Xunpu Chinese girls into your life.


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