Dating a Chinese Girl? – How to Make the Relationship Stronger

| June 6, 2012

Dating a Chinese girl. How to Have a Strong Relationship.Want to set up a good and strong relationship with your Chinese girl? You will surely need to put some thought into this, as Chinese girls are brought up under a different parenting style. They are reserved and sometimes quite shy compared to Western girls, yet confident in their own way, and possessing a uniquely Chinese combined traditional/modern outlook of their own which makes them different from girls of other countries.

Communication skills and a good sense of humor are just not enough for you to make your relationship stronger. Here is a list of few general rules of thumb that you should follow while dating Chinese girls: -

•    Understand the culture: – Making an effort to know their culture is crucial as your first step towards knowing your Chinese girl. Their ethics, traditions, religion and family values are different from western countries. Try to understand and adapt yourself to their culture if you are looking forward to a long term relationship with your girl.

•    Dress to impress: -Chinese girls are attracted to guys with an impressive dressing style and a well groomed appearance. So take that extra step and groom yourself to always remain attractive to your Chinese girlfriend.

•    Be natural and don’t pretend: – Develop a basic down to earth style of presenting yourself, an open and honest approach, instead of faking or pretending to be someone you are not. Displaying your sense of humor (if you have one) can be very attractive, because most Chinese girls love to laugh, but try to avoid too much of it. Nobody is attracted to a never ending clown for a life mate. Your girl may perceive you as an insecure and not very bright guy who is trying too hard not to lose her as a prospective Chinese life partner. So be careful and choose your jokes carefully.

•    Give her compliments, but be realistic: – Chinese girls, like other females, love it when their men compliment them. But you should be believable with your compliments. Your compliment should be meaningful and real. A fake compliment can ruin your evening or maybe even your relationship with your girl, if she starts to sense that you are not being sincere.

•    Listen carefully: – Listening is an art and by using it you can show your interest in your girl. Listening to what the girl has to say shows that you really care for her. You should also put forth your ideas after listening to her. Expressing your view point or feelings on an important subject to her will make her feel special, and that she has someone who listens to her and guides her towards a good understanding of an issue or solution to a problem.

•    Familiarize yourself with her family: – Chinese girls are strongly attached to their families. Make an effort to know, communicate with and grow close to her family if you are seriously looking for a long term companion.

Follow these tips if you have found a Chinese girl who is a perfect match for you, and ensure that she will feel special and happy when she is with you.


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