Why Young Chinese Girls Are Taking To Cosmetic Surgery

| May 30, 2012

Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. No surprise that the Chinese concept of beauty is significantly different from the western concept of beauty. That’s precisely why the characteristics considered to be epitome of beauty in Chinese girls by western men are often looked down upon by Chinese men as quite ordinary and even ugly in some cases. For instance, slanting and small eyes, flat nose and healthy tan that we westerners love so much does not quite fit with Chinese ideals of beauty. Moreover, despite the fact that hiring employees on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion and sex is deemed illegal as per Chinese law, employers often seek specific physical traits in females applying for jobs that require public interactions. Either way, Chinese girls feel compelled to spruce up their looks even if it means going under the knife. No wonder that in the past few years the cosmetic surgery has become a rapidly growing industry sweeping across the nation and is worth nearly 10 billion Yuan annually.

Date this chinese girl online.For most young Chinese girls, plastic surgery is the perfect method of obtaining that competitive edge, which many of them will require upon stepping into the fierce job market once they complete their education. Many girls feel that a large number of employers tend to choose females who are prettier by Chinese standards and even a seemingly insignificant difference in the appearances of candidates can have a deep impact on their job prospects.

A majority of Chinese girls choosing to go under the knife do so to get their features “repaired”. Such procedures generally include nose jobs, eye tucks, breast implants and even the painful jaw shavings. The fact that most of these procedures are quite inexpensive as compared to the western markets makes them even more popular. Apart from the numerous hospitals and private clinics offering plastic surgery treatments, even the local beauty salons hire professionals to perform such procedures. This further brings down the costs of these procedures making them an attractive option for those girls desperately seeking better features.

The flip side to this is that most of the plastic surgeons are highly inexperienced resulting in a large number of failed procedures which then require to be redone. In fact, the number of plastic surgeons who are actually qualified to carry out such complex procedures is quite low, and many surgeons performing such surgeries actually belong to some other medical specialty. However, the fact that a large number of procedures fail to provide the desired results, even after being redone, does not seem to discourage young Chinese girls from rushing to the nearest plastic surgeon with the hope of becoming a perfect Chinese beauty.


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