Chinese Girls and The Unique Skill of Hair Embroidery

| May 21, 2012

Chinese Girls and The Unique Skill of Hair EmbroideryIt is not unusual for Western men who have just begun to chat and date Chinese girls online to be lost at sea about finding topics of conversation. Despite the fact that many older Chinese people rue the westernization of the present generation, you simply can’t discuss many of the things with your new Chinese date that you would with a local girl in your own community or country. Any attempts to get intimate in the initial few dates will only show how desperate you are and drive the good quality girls away. However, discussing culture and traditions can be a good start up point as most Chinese girls are proud of their heritage and willing to tell you more about it before opening up and sharing more personal things. For instance hair embroidery is a unique skill and a gem of Chinese embroidery about which very little is known in the western world.

As indicated by the name, hair embroidery is done using human hair in place of ordinary thread. Since almost universally Chinese people have black hair, it was known as “Moxiu” (black embroidery) in ancient times when Chinese girls used to cut their long and luxurious hair as a sign of piety and weave the image of Buddha with it. However, today color and theme have undergone a lot of change. Instead of just black, blonde, amber, auburn, white and grey are extensively used. Hair is usually collected from ethnic-minority areas and used in their natural colors. Occasionally white hair is dyed in red for giving lips of a pretty girl in the pattern some natural rosiness.

It goes without saying that most painstaking efforts go into completing a piece of hair embroidery and the skill needed for it is much superior to those required for other kinds of embroidery. Since hair is quite unlike any other material, the finished pieces possess unique vividness and beauty and the colors never fade.

Hair embroidery can be categorized into two types: monochrome hair-embroidery and colored hair-embroidery. While the former makes use of hair of the same color the latter incorporates hair of different natural colors collected from people of different races so the resulting embroidered piece turns out to be much finer and nuanced. Moreover, it is also richer in gradation than monochrome hair embroidery and presents pictures that are more vivid and exquisite.

The designs of hair embroidery are no longer restricted to Buddha and include wide variety of plants, animals, landscapes and historical figures. Like other Chinese arts, these embroidery pieces also make extensive use of symbols such as cranes, pines and peaches for longevity; hats are for happiness; and five-clawed dragons for imperial rank.

These embroideries are either framed and used as decoration or given as gifts to relatives and friends. They are not only considered to be among the most excellent of gifts but also frequently valuable pieces for collecting.

Not all Chinese girls will be knowledgeable about hair embroidery, but even if the girl you are interested is not, she’ll be impressed that you are. And if you find one who is deeply interested in hair-embroidery then you’ve likely found a truly traditional Chinese girl, who may be that gem you’ve been seeking.


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