Jade and Chinese Girls: The Significance of One to the Other

| May 14, 2012

Dating Chinese girls and jade, the significance of one to the other.Men who are dating Chinese girls online and intend to have a Chinese wife or girlfriend someday would surely like to know what things hold importance in the lives of these lovely women. Jade happens to be one thing whose importance in the lives of Chinese people cannot be underestimated. Not only do these oriental people consider jade to be the most valuable of all precious stones, but they also treat it as a symbol of nobility, perfection, constancy and immortality. During the ancient times it was quite common for Chinese girls to use a variety of small decorative and functional ornaments carved from jade, such as beads, pendants and belt hooks. Items carved out of this precious stone were considered intrinsically valuable as jade was believed to represent the human qualities in the form of its solidity, toughness and splendor.

Apart from the use of jade for ornamental purposes by Chinese girls, it was also widely used for decorating a variety of objects including those used for sacrificial and auspicious purposes. However, the significance of using jade utensils in sacrificial ceremonies was diminished greatly after the end of Han dynasty’s rule. After the Sung and the Yuan dynasties, jade utensils once again gained the place of prominence with a greater focus on pure craftsmanship and artistry. Apart from the above applications of jade, the Chinese people also used this fine and beautiful stone for making various tools such as axes and spades. In addition, insignias and talismans were also carved out of jade as it was believed to possess protective powers.

Among the higher classes of Chinese society, using jade items in everyday life signified wealth, status and influence. It was customary for the nobility to wear and carry auspicious jade utensils as a symbol of power and authority.  Similarly, it was also common for Chinese girls belonging to rich and influential families to use finely carved combs, hairpins, waist pendants and bracelets. Jade set in the handles of hand held fans, walking sticks, and even garments and caps was considered to signify class and style.

Even in these modern times, the attraction of Chinese people for items made with jade has not ebbed. In fact, wealthy parents make it a point to present fine and exquisitely carved jade items having awe-inspiring richness, luster and delicacy as a part of dowry to their Chinese girls. Over the years jade artistry has undergone significant changes with craftsmen focusing more on creativity and skill along with preserving its historical importance as an eternal symbol of the ancient and magnificent civilization of China.

Having read the above you might be tempted to purchase a jade ornament for your new found Chinese girlfriend or for her mother or father. Be warned that jade comes in drastically varying qualities, and recognizing whether a jade bracelet is of mediocre quality and a value of $10 or of the most exquisite quality and a value of $1,000 dollars is beyond most westerners capabilities. Many a western gentleman has lost both a great deal of money and the respect of his Chinese girl by being duped by some shop whose owner recognized an easy mark when the poor, naïve Lao Wai approached him. You may not know you’ve bought cheap trashy jade, but your Chinese girl will recognize it instantly.


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