Dating Chinese Girls – Understanding The Significance of Certain Colors

| May 6, 2012

Chinese girls care about colors.Colors play an important role in the lives of all human beings as they not only brighten up and add beauty to their the surroundings but also represent their personalities in some manner. The people of China are known worldwide for using bright and vivacious colors which clearly signify their lively and fun loving attitude. However, not many people are aware of the fact that some colors hold greater significance than others in the lives of Chinese people in general and Chinese girls in particular. Most of these important colors are associated with the traditional Chinese beliefs and teachings.

Even though Chinese girls and boys these days tend to favor the red color, it was not always like that. According to traditional Chinese belief, the five primary elements of nature, namely, water, fire, wood, metal and earth correspond to the colors black, red, blue-green, white and yellow respectively. In fact during the reign of emperor Huang Di it was customary for people to worship the yellow color and since then it became common for emperors to make color selections on the basis of the Theory of Five Elements. The trend continued right through the reign of Shang, Tang, Zhou, and Qin dynasties. The awareness of the relationship between the five principle elements and various colors made people choose the many necessary items of their lives, including food, clothing, transportation and even housing according to the changes in these elements with the five prominent colors being set as a standard.

According to Chinese traditions, the color black is regarded as the color of Heaven and as such is one of the two first colors. The other of these two colors is white, which is believed to represent gold and is generally taken to be a symbol of brightness, purity and fulfillment. In Chinese society, white is also the color of mourning. As mentioned before, red is the color loved most by the Chinese people. While young Chinese girls consider it to symbolize love and beauty, the color in general is considered to represent happiness and good fortune. The blue-green color symbolizes spring and is taken as a representation of overflow of vigor and vitality. Finally, the color yellow which represents the element earth and is also referred to as the color of emperors indicates freedom from worry and stress, which is why it is often used to decorate royal palaces, altars and temples.

While many Chinese girls in modern Chinese society may not be able to tell you the details concerning the 5 elements and how they explain why the colors mentioned above are associated with the particular emotions or characteristics they relate to, almost all Chinese girls will be able to specifically tell you that black is associated with spirituality, white with purity and fulfillment, blue-green with vigor and vitality, yellow with peacefulness and serenity and red with happiness and good fortune. This make colors both a good topic of conversation when you’re looking for something to chat about, and an important consideration when contemplating a gift for that beautiful Chinese girl who has stolen your heart.


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