Is It Ethically Right to Marry a Chinese Girl?

| April 28, 2012

Marrying a Chinese girl Is not an ethical dilemna.Many men who date Chinese girls online are aware about the gender imbalance in China and sometimes they might even question themselves whether it is ethically right to marry a girl from a country where men greatly outnumber women.  The issues surrounding gender imbalance are too complex to be understood by a foreigner seeking a Chinese bride. The fact is that the problem of gender imbalance is not unique to China. Male children are preferred over females in many south Asian countries including India, Pakistan and Korea and sex selection during pregnancy is rampant.

While many blame China’s one-child policy for an increase in the gender imbalance, most people are unaware that it is not a cast iron rule. People can have more than one child depending on their circumstances, ethnicity and willingness to pay a fine which is equal to a year’s salary of an average Chinese. Nonetheless, since many families can only afford to raise a single child, girls are often unwanted.

While it is open to debate how closely the single child policy is observed in China, the ethical dilemma about marrying a Chinese girl should not be a matter of too much concern for those who date Chinese girls online. On Chinese dating sites designed for Western men seeking Chinese brides there will be plenty of girls who are either unable to find a suitable husband within their own communities or are more interested in marrying a western guy. While shortage of women in China is a reality, there are certain ladies who still have to struggle to find husbands.

  1. It is impossible for divorcees and single mothers to find a Chinese husband.
  2. Unless a girl is married by the age of 25-28, she often finds it difficult to find a husband as Chinese men prefer younger women.
  3. Criteria of beauty in China are vastly different from western idea of beauty. The slant eyes, flat nose and the nice tan that we love so much are looked down upon by Chinese as ugly. So it is possible to find a beautiful wife who could not find a husband in her own culture due to her looks.
  4. Since more and more Chinese women are opting for higher studies and professional success, there is no dearth of ladies looking for western husbands as few Chinese men will consider marrying a woman more intelligent and successful than themselves.
  5. Chinese girls living in big cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen face as much problem finding a suitable match as ladies in cities like Chicago and New York do. The fact is that in the major cities the ladies outnumber the men quite dramatically.

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