Dating Chinese Girls – The Significance Of Various Gifts

| April 7, 2012

Dating Chinese Girls - The Significance Of Various GiftsAll men who choose to date Chinese girls on dating sites with the intention of having a long term relationship with them need to be prepared for the time when they would be required to meet the family of their girlfriends. Approval of the family is mandatory in most cases and first impression is usually lasting if not absolutely last. Visiting the family of your prospective bride empty handed is quite unthinkable and bringing along an inappropriate gift is even more hazardous for your relationship. Having some basic understanding of the significance of various gift items that can be presented to Chinese people can go a long way in helping to impress the family and friends of your Chinese mate.  Given below are some common items that are preferred as gifts in Chinese society along with a description of their significance.

1.  Chinese people are well-known for their love of food and hence that is also amongst the most preferred gift items. It is a good idea to gift a basket of food containing an assortment of fruits, biscuits and even a small bottle of good wine, while paying a personal visit to someone. Presenting food items such as dried oysters, dried seafood and mushrooms etc, is considered a high class gift. Like in gifting of cash, following a lucky number pattern is extremely vital while choosing the number of food items to be gifted.

2.  Jewelry is generally a gift reserved for bigger occasions such as the marriage of Chinese girls, birth of a new child or landmark birthday’s such as the 21st, 60th and 90th etc. The material used for gifting jewelry generally varies between gold, silver and jade, which are considered to bring happiness and prosperity to the receiver.

3.  A gift of cash is suitable for almost all occasions, except perhaps when meeting the family of the Chinese girls for the first time. All happy occasions, require the presenter to put the desired amount of cash in a red envelope having some words of blessings suitable for the occasion marked in clear print across it. It is also vital to understand that Chinese people follow a certain set of number rules while giving gifts in cash as not all numbers are considered lucky or even good. The numbers 8 and 9 are very favorable numbers, while 4 is the kiss of death (almost literally).

4.  Bringing Chocolate or a gold ornament for the mother is also a good idea.

5.  Avoid knives or scissors as they symbolize breaking a relationship. The same is true of clocks (but not watches).



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