The Spring Festival and Its Importance In The Lives Of Chinese Girls

| March 30, 2012

The Spring Festival and Its Importance In The Lives Of Chinese Girls Among the various ancient traditions, customs and festivals celebrated in China, the Spring Festival is undoubtedly the most popular and important. Also known as the Chinese New Year, this festival holds special significance for Chinese girls, who celebrate it with great enthusiasm and fervor. For foreign men, intending to win the heart of these pretty oriental females, learning and celebrating the various customs associated with this festival in the proper manner can prove extremely critical. This being the most important festival of the year for most Chinese people, many Chinese females dating foreign men consider it to be the most opportune moment to introduce their dating partner and their family to each other.


The festival starts on the first day of the first lunar month as per Chinese calendar and goes on till the 15th day of the first lunar month which is celebrated as the Lantern Festival. Depending on their regional background, Chinese girls tend to celebrate this festival as per their distinct traditions and customs. People generally spend huge amounts on purchasing decorations, food items, dress materials, clothing and gifts. It is customary to clean the entire house in order to rid it of any misfortune or bad luck. It is also believed that cleaning the house thoroughly and systematically brings in good-luck and prosperity.


On the eve of the Chinese New Year, it is quite common for families to enjoy a feast together and later take pleasure in a fantastic display of fireworks. The young children of the family are expected greet everyone and wish their parents a New year full of health and happiness and in return receive monetary gifts. Most Chinese people believe that this festival is the right time to seek the forgiveness of family and friends for any wrongdoings in the past. That is why a majority of Chinese girls having dated or married a foreign man against the wishes of their family, choose this festival to seek their forgiveness and reconcile with their loved ones.




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