Marrying Chinese Girls – Things You Should Be Prepared For

| February 22, 2012

Marrying Chinese Girls - Things You Should Be Prepared ForMost men, after having found their perfect Chinese life mate through an online dating site, don’t intend to wait long for walking down the aisle. However, not many of them are aware of the fact that getting married to Chinese girls can be a complex affair, especially if they live in mainland China. This is even truer for men, who have no other contact in China and are totally ignorant of the various formalities they would be expected to complete before and during the wedding ceremony. While most of these formalities are quite enjoyable in themselves, they can prove stressful in case they come as surprise and you are not aware and mentally prepared to face them.

  1. Arranging The Documents: The most important aspect of getting married to a Chinese female is to procure the documents necessary for ensuring a wedding that is officially approved and hassle free. Most Chinese girls, despite being aware of the requisite documents can provide little help to their partners in obtaining them as they are generally to be obtained at embassy of the country to which their partner belongs, or back in the actual home country itself.
  2. Deciding The Date And venue of Wedding: Men marrying Chinese females often have to go through the customs and traditions which they may find outdated. Consulting a fortune teller to choose an auspicious day and date for the wedding is just one of them. In addition, men might be required to follow some ancient Chinese customs and traditions which can turn their marriage into an interesting and fun filled celebration.
  3. Choosing The Wedding Dress: Although men do not have to change their clothing as frequently as the Chinese brides are supposed to do on their wedding day, they need to choose at least two outfits. While one of them can be a western style wedding suit to be worn to the wedding banquet, the other should be a traditional Chinese style of outfit which they must wear during the actual ceremony.
  4. The Wedding Pictures: Although most men find it strange, the wedding photos, rather than being clicked on the wedding day itself, are usually taken before the actual wedding. Generally Chinese girls like to organize a photo shoot at a renowned studio to click these memorable pictures so that the most important event of their life can be saved for posterity, and so the photos are available to be handed out to the wedding guest as a keepsake of the important occasion.

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