Things That Men Take For Granted While Dating Chinese Girls Online

| February 16, 2012

Things That Men Take For Granted While Dating Chinese Girls OnlineOnline dating, especially Chinese dating has caught the fancy of netizens in a big way. However, a number of people using Chinese dating sites are often fed a copious amount of half truths and stereotypes about not only this ancient culture but also the general attitude and expectations of its people. While no country or culture is free from its share of stereotypes and shortcomings, poking fun at Chinese people tends to amuse many people who get a lot of satisfaction from running others down as it makes them feel better about themselves. Believing such hearsay without trying to find out the truth creates prejudice in the minds of those who are looking for a perfect Chinese mate along with making them smug and take various things for-granted. Set out below is a list of such half truths that can impede your dating endeavors with Chinese girls:

  1. Most men feel that have a better chance of finding the best females on Chinese dating sites, simply because they live in a developed western nation. Thanks to this misconception they do not really put that much effort into finding or showing their sincerity towards real Chinese girls, many of whom are rather shy and reserved in the beginning and hence lose many good opportunities before realizing their mistake.
  2. Generally, guys tend to use every excuse they can think of for not learning the Chinese language. They take it for-granted that the Chinese women would not feel uncomfortable if they always have to converse with them in a language that is as foreign to them as Chinese is to the guys. While Chinese ladies do make all efforts to learn English, any attempt you make to learn their language acts as a catalyst in making your relationship strong and lasting.
  3. Most men are not prepared to face the fact that the women they date on Chinese dating sites would not be willing to give up their career or shift to their home country permanently. This is because they never take into consideration the fact that a Chinese female might want to pursue her career and live close to the people with whom she has grown up.
  4. Men often feel frustrated when their Chinese dates do not concur with their opinion or outlook on certain issues. They are too influenced by the rumors about these females being compliant to their partners and having no will or courage to defy them in any manner.

It is important to really know and treat a Chinese girl as an individual without letting the stereotypes cloud your judgement.


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