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| September 24, 2011 - Top Site for Dating Asian WomanWhen it comes to protecting its members from Scammers, like its Chinese dating sister site, pulls out all the stops. No one in internet dating seems to be doing anything about proactively fighting scammers except these two sites, which both have extensive scammer policing systems. In addition, like its sister, the functions and features on are exceptionally good, equal to those on (which we will be reviewing soon). But whereas the scammer protection on CLM has no detrimental effects to the quality of the site, on ALM there is a strange downside to putting all the scammers in Scammer Prison. The problem is that when you remove the photos of all the beautiful Asian women posted by the scammers (although frequently these are actually Latinas), there is a shortage of eye candy left to enjoy. This is not so with the Chinese dating site, CLM.

This leaves us in the strange position of having to judge the site based on the quality of the experience as being not as good as its sister site because it is doing such a great job protecting its members from Scammers that the experience is less enjoyable for lack of stunning Asian women to gawk at. Just for example, our Scammer Hunter advises us that on he found over 160 active members who had photos posted that are in’s Scammer Prison. And is one of the better sites. If you look at some of the lesser sites for dating Asian women, such as the free sites, there are thousands of beautiful photos posted that are known to be photos used by scammers plying their trade.

So, even though, like its sister site that focuses on dating Chinese women, the security and service is in a class of it’s own for Asian dating, and its features and functions are equal to the other high quality site in this class,, we find ourselves downgrading because of the general problem in Asian dating that so many of the persons involved are Scammers. ALM is being punished for this in spite of the fact that they are doing a great job of protecting their members from those same scammers.  So while we’re acknowledging that so far is the top Asian Dating site, we’re giving it a 3.5 Star rating because of the lack of beautiful women on the site.

Sadly this says a ton about the state of Asian Dating generally, because if is only a 3.5 because it has rejected the photos posted by Scammers, then you can be sure that most of those beautiful women you’re finding on the other Asian dating sites are actually scammers.  It’s frightening to think that dating Asian women is that fraught with danger, but clearly it is, so be cautious on all websites that are dedicated to dating Asian women. You’ll be much safer on, but you might not enjoy the scenery as much.

However, there is one huge bonus with and that is that when you join it you are automatically also a member of, and when you upgrade on either one you are automatically upgraded on both. This is really a very valuable bonus.


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