| September 24, 2011

DatingChinese - dating chinese girls on lineWhen we started reviewing websites for dating Chinese girls online and were planning to look at both and we were surprised to discover they’re the same site, different URL. Our best guess is that they are converting from Obridge to DatingChinese, but it really doesn’t matter. Whichever one you find yourself on, get off! When it comes to dating beautiful Chinese girls both these twin sites suck badly.

This site claims to be all about Chinese girls dating non-Chinese men, and yet we roughly estimate that 50% of the girls on this site are not Chinese at all. Others are from a wide variety of locations such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Africa, and the USA. Pretty obviously many of these are scammers and clearly has no controls on scammers at all. On their home page they list the last 120 women to join, and that was pretty revealing. We didn’t look into all the roughly 60 who were not Chinese, but we did spot a Senegal Scammer, a truly repulsive looking Malaysian and a supposed American white girl who was clearly hooking. Besides that we noted from this list that in the past month under 60 women had joined who posted photos of whom 30 were not so pretty Chinese girls. That’s basically one Chinese girl joining per day who posts a photo, a pretty low join rate even if they’re real.

To make matters worse, you can trust us when we tell you that no online Chinese girls interested in finding a life partner or husband is going to be hanging out on a site that is at all sleazy. Yet, and we’re not making this up, at the time we write this there is pictured right on the DatingChinese home page a Caucasian male, 54 years old, laid out on his bed in all his naked glory, grasping his hard penis in his hand for all to see. This type of image would send any real decent Chinese girl running, and it should send you running too unless cheap thrills cavorting with hookers and scammers is what you’re after.

As we said, if you’re after a night of cyber sin and you don’t mind the thought of a sexual dalliance with someone who might secretly be a big, hairy Nigerian guy, then DatingChinese or Obridge might be your new home away from home, but for a serious Chinese girlfriend and dating Chinese girls online in hopes of a long term relationship, give both these sites a wide pass!


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